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A natural high?

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Just finished reading the excellent Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt.

It starts slowly and to my mind doesn’t say much about happiness as such – unless it’s addressed to the less conscious “elephant” in his “rider and elephant” model. There’s a lot of stuff (reciprocity, bias etc) that you may have read elsewhere.

But as he gets on to the ground he’s passionate about, morality and ethics, it really takes off.

And what I liked so much is the way he helped me reframe debates that have long interested me. Left vs. right. Religion vs. spirituality. Autonomy vs. shared values.

I, like Haidt, loved the story of Flatland (by the marvelously named Edwin Abbott Abbott).  It demonstrates so clearly how our own perceptions limit our ability to see the world as others see it. And the joy that comes from integrating two previously irreconcilable viewpoints.

(By the way a modern version of much the same story is The Planiverse, by A. K. Dudeney.)

For me, I am sure one of the reasons I pursue an increase in consciousness is to get the hit from just those ah-ha moments.

Author: Pete Burden

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