A home for the Conscious Business community in the UK


If you are based in the UK, and would like to meet people face-to-face, CB-UK organises meetings in London, Brighton, and Bristol. Get more details and sign up for notifications of these events here (via or follow us on Twitter.

If you can’t make these there is a LinkedIn group here for online discussion.

At CB-UK meetings we:

  • Enjoy pioneering, experimenting and collaborating.
  • Hear about the latest news and practice.
  • Meet like-minded people who are trying to do business more consciously.
  • Learn skills and practices from each other, and develop new ones.
  • Participate in building an environment where it’s OK to be conscious, to be caring, to be ethical (but not to be too earnest or serious either!).

Our meetings are designed primarily for people running, working in, or advising and supporting businesses.


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