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Conscious Business? Hmmmm….


Nice one Paul. Would be very interested to hear others views about the phrase Conscious Business, which is also in my mind associated with spirituality. Nothing wrong with spirituality (or CSR/social enterprise), but I think we are speaking about something else.

Paul Levy


We aren’t really happy with the term “conscious business”, we being the group here in Brighton discussing and exploring it.

It’s a term very much tied up with “conscious capitalism” which has a history and an ongoing close link to CSR – corporate social responsbility.

It also sounds a bit weird. It hints that a business can be conscious and this suggests it is like a person, a biological entity that can be more or less “awake” and “aware”. Yet as soon as everyone has left the building to go home, what is really left? Can a business ever really be conscious? It isn’t really just the people who represent the quality of its consciousness? So, perhaps there is no such as thing as a conscious business, just the people who work in it.

Simple! Or perhaps not so. In organisational research, we often talk of the “synergy of groups”…

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Author: Pete Burden

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2 thoughts on “Conscious Business? Hmmmm….

  1. How about conscience business?

  2. I have to admit I struggled with the term, too, especially in the beginning. Somehow I couldn’t connect it to anything real, and it didn’t of itself convey any meaningful meaning. After reading the values and principles, it immediately appealed, but I kept having to force myself to remember what these were, having to remind myself the values in my mind, there was nothing in the name itself that immediately brought up an image of what it was. It was like, in my mind, “conscious business, yes I remember it’s valuable, something to encourage, principles businesses need to adopt …. but what is it again?”

    Also: What is a conscious business? What are conscious businesses? Or is it: What is conscious business? What is conscious economy? Unit or concept? – I can somehow relate more to conscious capitalism than conscious business, but I’m not sure why. Mindful business? Conscientious business? While I struggle with the words, in the end, I cannot think of any better alternative. And maybe not being readily understandable is not a bad thing, after all it is often the things which are hardest to capture or understand that stick the longest. And it may raise curiosity? Hmmmm…., indeed!

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