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Christmas Message

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Dear Conscious Business members,

Merry Christmas to one and all, below is a little update about the year we’ve had and the the year ahead as things start to warm up in the mainstream business world around Conscious Business. So if you want to know more read below while enjoying a mince pie (not provided).

There is definitely more mainstream momentum, and we’re finding that the Meetup groups (below) are a great place to develop real world CB practice and also to form great and mutually beneficial relationships.

Jamie, Lasy, Pete & Ray

What’s Happened?

In March this year when we decided to start the CB meetup groups and the LinkedIn forum, it was a bit of an unknown, but we thought, what the hell, let’s just do some and see what happens. We’re so glad we did. The idea was to create a welcoming place to bring together people who share a different vision for business, share ideas, learn practical skills and get a movement started.

The success of the Brighton group we started in April gave us encouragement to form the London group in July and we now edge closer to 200 members in the meetup group, about 120 in the LinkedIn forums, with nearly 30 people regularly attending in Brighton and between 15 and 20 regularly in London.

Most rewardingly, we’re seeing business ideas and working relationships forming around shared values, self development, embedding CB practice in some organisations and having a lot of fun along the way too. We’ve started a wiki  as a means of capturing ideas, practice and knowledge and have some great plans for 2013 to develop all of these things further, thanks to the energy and contribution of people in the group so watch this space and feel free to get involved, your energy is what keeps us afloat.

What’s Next?

As with any movement it’s about spreading the word too. We would like you to think about whether the meetups might be a good place to bring other like-minded business colleagues, associates, and even clients. There’s a huge amount that can happen when people meet. We’re also very grateful for any volunteers offering workshops or talks at the meetings. The ones we’ve just done with Rob and others were great and we had some great feedback from you all too.

We have some new developments lined up for 2013, more talks and insight initially from Tom Nixon and Nate Whitestone, we might even convince Ray to get us ‘doing something different’, but a community is about participation and incorporating ideas from everyone. If you have something to share with the group that you think might be helpful, we want to hear your voice. We’re always also looking for ways to improve, so please don’t be shy. Feedback has shaped many of the changes we’ve made to date and there are lots of ways you can contribute and be heard at the bottom of this message.

Once again, here’s to a great new year, Jamie, Pete, Lasy & Ray.

PS if you want to get (more) involved here are ways you can:


If you’re not registered on the Meetup site – but want to get notifications of future meetings – please register here:


If you’re not already on the LinkedIn forum, please join in here. you’re already a member, please post thoughts and questions – there’s a real resource there in all the members.


If you’ve not looked at the wiki – take a look now, and consider adding something as a contributor, again this can be our knowledge base for furthering our ideals.


Fancy sharing something on the blog:

Your Initiative?

<Your idea for something that might move the movement further might fit right here! Why not try something?>

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I'm a Business Advisor, Coach and Psychotherapist

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