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WWGD – What Would Google Do?

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I enjoyed reading “What Would Google Do?” by Jeff Jarvis.

It’s something of a litany – at times I felt a bit exhausted by the long list of examples and case-studies. And I may be old fashioned but personally I prefer chapters in a book.

But that’s a minor niggle. As a survey of the field at this moment it seems pretty complete.

Because of the breadth there’s not much scope to go into details on business models. But I liked the clear overall message of how business works in the new world order; and that platforms, for example, are the way to go. That is so right, and so well explained.

It’s a rather intellectual book, perhaps. I definitely don’t mean deep or difficult. I just mean not a very emotional book. Many of the issues that arise, such as trust, for example, are surely rooted in emotion? Personally, I’d like to see more exploration of these themes in terms of “affect” and not just “effect”. Maybe someone else has written that book.

But overall, well done to Jeff.

Author: Pete Burden

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