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I have just started blogging for – a social network for businesses interested in social responsibility. JustMeans was founded by Martin Smith and Kevin Long. Martin was a founder of StartingBloc, an organisation aiming to educate, empower and connect leaders driving positive social change. Kevin is an Ashoka fellow – Ashoka is a global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.

Inspiring people. It’s good to surround yourself by people who do good things.

Writing for JustMeans is another step for me in integrating the various parts of my life. For many years I lived several lives – home, work, projects – and often I played different roles in each. I behaved differently.

Lots of things seem to be coming together now – into one more integrated life. A coming together of real interests with real skills and experience. Sometimes it feels scary as the boundaries disolve. But generally, it feels like a good thing.

I’ll continue writing here (although I am enjoying the summer holiday!). And you can find my fortnightly JustMeans blogs at All Things Reconsidered.

Author: Pete Burden

New ways to organise and lead - for people with 'purpose' #leadership #inquiry #noticing #complexity #communication

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