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Keeping going


What do you do to keep going when the going gets tough?

I guess we all have times when we feel like giving up. Maybe it’s the heat of the summer. Or the cold of the winter. Maybe it’s because things seem to be going badly. Or maybe they are going so well that all impetus is lost.

When I get like that, inspirational talks don’t help. In a different mood listening to an inspirational speaker might lift me up. For me, at that time, the obvious refrain “it’s different for them” becomes very attractive.

One thing I know helps is the support of friends. A talk with like-minded people can, at least for the duration of the session, get me fired up again. Of course, the last thing I want to do in this mood is get out there and meet friends.

At times like this having made a commitment to myself is probably the best source of forward motion. If I have previously promised myself that despite hitting the doldrums I will continue to move forward, then when I hit this state, that’s what I’ll do.

It works for me. What do you do?

Author: Pete Burden

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3 thoughts on “Keeping going

  1. Same as you mostly…

    Small achieveable tasks – especially boring ones can help too.

    Check you inbox for emails you haven’t replied to and reply to them with apologies is always a good one 😉

  2. When I’m sinking into a sombre mood, I just force a new input – go for a walk; or see/phone/email someone; or put some music on; or go and watch nature, grass and leaves waving in the wind. This moves myself from the centre of my thoughts and I reach outside to something stimulating. I become part of something more than my own thoughts and it’s refreshing. I escape my own mindgames and switch my attention to my senses, and just sink into the sensation – the cloud is hidden, whereabouts unknown.

  3. Super informative writing; keep it up.

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