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I have been asking myself for a while what can I do, within my life as it is, to move the world towards sustainability.

Reducing my personal carbon footprint is obviously important. But I’d like to go beyond that.

I realised that what I do for living – working with small and medium-sized businesses to improve and strengthen them – could fit pretty well.

It would be great, I thought, if I could help the businesses I work with learn how sustainability impacts them and how they can turn it from a problem into a huge opportunity. If just one or two them manage it, then my small efforts will be much magnified.

Having realised that, I then thought “How do I do that?”. I realised I probably don’t know enough about the problems and more importantly the opportunities and how to address them.

People who know me find my quite irritating because I tend to ask a lot of questions. I can be pretty indirect. But sometimes the questions lead to answers that are interesting, for me at least.

And a while back, some friends and colleagues, Tom Nixon and Will McInnes at NixonMcInnes, had suggested I start a blog. So I thought, I’ll start a conversation (with myself initially) and maybe I’ll learn something.

Author: Pete Burden

New ways to organise and lead - for people with 'purpose' #leadership #inquiry #noticing #complexity #communication

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