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There are many different ways to understand the term Conscious Business.

We generally use it to describe alternative ways of doing business, ways that are currently outside the mainstream.

We take a critical view of how business, management and economics currently operate. We believe that there is lots to improve in all of these. There is also a lot of positive activity in these areas and we are keen to explore and integrate that too.

While taking this critical view, we also wish to help bring about positive change in the world. This means exploring topics like:

  • awareness, noticing, and mindfulness;
  • responsiveness, agility and flexibility;
  • high levels of transparency and better communication;
  • new patterns of work and new contractual relationships;
  • new types of organisational structures, and decision making processes;
  • new ways to lead, new models of leadership;
  • sustainability – socially, economically, and environmentally;
  • new types of economy;
  • personal responsibility, accountability and empowerment;
  • well-being and happiness;
  • learning and development.

And trying to develop new practices, approaches and connections in all these areas and more.

6 thoughts on “Get Started

  1. And a wonderful book on why we desperately need to shift to new forms of ownership

  2. A paper, not a book – Citizens and consumers first; the 5th type of corporation; moral re-armament. Japan’s and Canon’s Kyosei in action.

    Click to access KYOSEI.pdf

  3. Great handbook, full of useful pointers, by @willmcinnes Book: Culture Shock –

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