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Climate Change – a Conscious Start

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Climate Change Questions
Climate change matters?
Does it effect me? Let’s see.
Ask the right questions.

Conscious business is a very powerful way of working. Any management course will show the benefits of working as a team over working as an individual. How much more powerful is this collaboration in the smart interconnected world we live in today?

Taking a conscious business perspective, it is relatively simple to consider the role of stakeholders on your business or the impact that your business can have on others. But how can we encourage more businesses to take this systemic approach?

There are many businesses operating in a more traditional manner, who find working in a linear way obvious and easy. Acknowledging the merits of working more consciously requires a shift in mind-set.

One way to bridge the gap is to focus on a single issue and explore the impacts on your business and stakeholders. Consider climate change as an issue with potential impacts on almost all aspects of business.

There are two critical observations:

  • Climate change may have risks or opportunities on your business, your suppliers or customers, now or in the future – or maybe not.
  • By asking these questions you have started the process of examining the interconnectedness of the stakeholders; becoming more conscious.

Even if the answers show that climate change has a minimal impact the exercise is very likely to find efficiencies, savings, reduce risks and maybe to find some new opportunities. And will certainly be a step towards a more conscious business approach.

Some may see this focus on the single issue of climate change as a retrograde step, away from the systemic approach of conscious business – the single issue tail wagging the dog. Some tail. Some dog!

Author: phhc

I'm working with businesses towards a low carbon future. Working to bring values into business. Perhaps it's as simple as changing two letters in 'shareholders' into 'stakeholders'. In particular I'm working with businesses as they progress from a compliance view of change; through change leading to operating efficiences and cost savings; ending up with a fundamentally different view of the world that takes advantage of new opportunities that emerge - and give hope for a sustainable future for us all.

One thought on “Climate Change – a Conscious Start

  1. Patrick

    Nice post.

    I don’t think it is a retrograde step to focus on a single issue at all. In fact, stepping back and trying to ‘see’ a whole system is very difficult, and has its own pitfalls. For example, starting to believe we are outside the system.

    So I think choosing a single issue is paradoxically a great way to experience the system more fully.

    Perhaps it is a bit like contemplating a single flower as a way to understand an entire ecosystem. Your process of discovery probably won’t end with one flower. But it is a great way to start. A single flower can tell you a lot!


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